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.so i started a compost a couple summers ago and this spring its starting to look really really good. im excited that we’re limiting our waste going to the landfill and helping the environment. i love being a green and its kind of my new hobby. we recycle paper at my house too and id like to recycle plastic next…however theres no plastic drop off or pick up around here that i know of hrmm..

whilst turning and watering my dirt today  i noticed soo much life (both insects and plants) earthworms and many rolie polies (what are they really called??) 

.writing, blogging, whatever

.i’ve been thinking back to when i was younger… when i felt more creative. i always wrote and doodled in a journal. i still have a journal from third grade. its so funny to read it now that im an adult. i realize i havent changed much. my grammar, handwriting… my overall voice and attitude is almost the same.

.i miss my imagination.

.i miss being alone but not lonely and making paperdolls like my mother did.

.i hate being an adult. everything is too real.

.i catch myself daydreaming alot. i mean like imagining what my life should be like. im not talking..unicorns, dragons and white knights…im saying my own place, a steady relationship, money. 

.i’m glad i’ve started this blog. i like this kind of expression. i feel like i keep too much inside sometimes and i feel like im an open book most of the time. weird

.almost perfect

.today was almost perfect. work went amazingly well. my boss hired two new people within the last month which is great because i think they’re personalities mesh well with our “crew”. 

in addition…

i enjoy helping people. i like people who are appreciative. i know my job isn’t very difficult but when i make someone’s life a little easier and they smile and say “oh thank you, thank you Brittany…you’re awesome!” well i feel all fuzzy inside and i think i might cry but then i dont. i guess that’s what joy feels like.  

almost perfect?

im not satisfied. there’s something missing…or someone rather. 

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